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Frost is an interaction design agency. We design everything from mobile apps to web interfaces and any customer-facing platform in between. To us, interaction design is more than just pretty pictures and smooth experiences. We know our craft. We do it quickly, and we do it well.

We've been around for 12 years. In this short time, we have worked with known brands from here and abroad. Our team is small, but the work we do is anything but. We choose to take on big challenges that constantly test us. It's how we bring out our best.

Organizationally, Frost is pretty straightforward. The company comprises four core groups led by one group head: Design, Content, Development, and Project Management. Each group is composed of individual contributors, and all group members actively participate in the work.

How Do we work?

We science the shit out of it.

Our focus on time management is fundamental to how we operate at Frost. We are obsessed with efficiency, and the data we gather guide our decisions, balanced by human compassion. This is how we deliver high-quality work at breakneck speeds.

We take quantum leaps forward.

We move fast and adapt even faster. Frost is on the verge of a breakthrough–automation. We're automating the boring parts of the process and focusing more on creative problem-solving. As a result, our work is more impactful and brings more value to everyone.

We work 1% better every day.

Rigor and discipline are our vehicles, and mastery is our destination. The journey to get there is a long one. There will be bumps in the road and challenges along the way. It's how we learn and grow. It's how we reach our destination, one step at a time.

We build each other up.

Frost is a business built by humans. Profits empower us. It's our livelihood. But it doesn't dictate the way we do things. That's why, at Frost, we share our profits with those who help build the organization and continue to move the company forward.


You’ll work on big projects with amazing people and get your fair share of the profits. Frost is big on both progress and process. We track and measure our time diligently. Work time is dedicated to doing meaningful work.

Technical Manager

In my entire working experience, I have never worked for a company that has genuine care for their employees like Frost.

Working for a company that encourages innovation is both a privilege and a great opportunity for someone like me who is motivated and thrilled by challenges. As a technical person, solving problems in the way we work through innovative solutions is a different kind of high.

Project Manager

Frost has trained and pushed me to become a better version of myself each day. This was my first job but I was fortunate enough to have been given multiple key projects until now. These projects have definitely taught me how to become better at my craft and have the right attitude in order to progress in my career.

As they say in Frost, everyone is a work in progress. The culture of the company acknowledges that and is able to guide each individual to progress the right way.

Frost Alumni, Front-end Developer

Working with prominent, recognizable brands and clients can be exciting but this comes with the notion of having to be accountable and responsible with the work that you do. You'll be working with people who follow a set of guidelines in order to ensure the quality of work. If you have what it takes to put in your best work, having the mental and emotional fortitude to take on the project or task given to you then this company can be right for you. There are times when you have to eat glass and grit your teeth but the skills, experience, insights will be beneficial in your career.

What Do We Give
a Damn About?

We design experiences, write code, and create copy. We do our job. But more than that, we give a damn how well it's done. We care deeply about our process, as well as the science and the art behind it.

Whatever we do, we always ask "Can we do this better?" We innovate. We challenge the status quo. We find breakthroughs and discover radical ways to build tools, pioneer processes, and improve the ways we work.

We understand our chosen path is filled with constant challenges, so we continuously invest in our people. We train hard and study, and this allows us to break new ground in the industry.

We may not change the world, but we will sure as hell make it interesting.

If you're on board, you have a place in Frost. Let's talk.


We’re GPTW-certified. 

Become a part of Frost!